Why does this keep happening in my shop?



We  sell mostly unique items, that we will never see again in our shop, and this story keeps recurring…..

It’s the strangest thing and it keeps happening. As soon as one customer expresses a strong desire to buy an item in the shop, BUT doesn’t buy it right then, the very next person that walks in, goes straight to it and BOOM! buys it.

I sometimes advise customers of this, but it sounds too much like “hard sell” so I tend to keep my mouth shut. It’s almost as if the first person injects some positive energy into the item, which then attracts or magnetises the next person.


So the moral of this story is, either buy straight away or don’t tell the shop keeper that you’re going away to think about it!

You can find our shop here Fifi’s Fancy Furniture and there is more of our back story here Back Story

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