My latest Gluten Free, Vegan recipe

Gluten Free, refried bean and red onion pie.

Omg.  I say it myself, I just made the most delicious gluten free, vegan pie.   I had a half open tin of refried beans which I didn’t want to waste.  I had some ready made, gluten free Tesco pastry.  So I thought, mmm?  how can I use these?  I chopped up three red onions and softened them for about 15 mins in a large pan.  I rolled out the pastry and spread the refried beans on the first piece of pastry.  A moment before removing the onions in the pan from the heat I added a dash of vegan soya sauce, and date syrup and let is bubble for a minute.  Then I spread the onions over the refried beans.  Then I rolled out the other half of the pastry and lay it over the top.  I baked it in a hot oven for about 20 minutes.  Oh wow, it is yummy.

You will need  One tin of refried beans.

refried beans

One pack of Gluten Free ready pastry (or make it yourself, if you are a genius)

4 x red onions

tsp of Tamari Sauce

tsp of Date Syrup



We ate it so quickly, with salad that I don’t have a good photo of the pie, but here is  a shot of what was left for  my lunch today.


My only after thought was that I would like to add a few black olives next time.  One of my more successful experiments. approved

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