What’s your social media manager doing?

If your social media is working well for you the chances are there is someone tap tap tapping on their phone or computer, building your audience.

You may not be aware that they just followed a load of exciting new companies and this is why you suddenly received a whole load of new follows and likes.

You may not be aware that she/he has been through all accounts you are following and dead headed the useless ones.

They’ve probably checked all the relevant hashtags they can follow or add to your bio to keep you in the loop.

They’ve been retweeting and liking relevant posts for your business.

You probably did notice when they made one tiny typo or did something you weren’t too keen on, but all the other minutiae probably passes you by.

They probably updated you to all the relevant site to be on like, Trip Advisor and on all the Maps, google maps, Apple maps and others. They probably updated all these sites with news and changes to your hours or goods.

They updated your website photos and made adjustments to layouts to enhance usage.

They fixed all your follow/like/share buttons so they are all correct. But you probably only noticed when something wasn’t working.

It’s a thankless task at times, like keeping the accounts up to date or putting out the recycling, but it is now an important part of business management. Next time you speak to your social media operative tell them how bloody brilliant that are, as I’m sure you do already, but just in case.

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