First Twitch Live


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My First Twitch Live.

I have no idea how this works, like everything I do on the computer, it’s  a test of “operator failure”.  I never read instructions and keep banging keys until they do what I want.

I have wonderful friends, who give me a helping hand and of course the You Tube University.  I don’t believe in asking other broadcasters who are skilled and ahead of me, because they spent many hours figuring it out, so why should they show me? Fortunately I have live streaming contemporaries and we muddle through together.

Here is the link to my first Twitch and let’s see how it goes.  Apparently the Twitch link does not embed like You Tube does, not on my website anyway, that’s something else I have to figure out, but not on this day….



5 thoughts on “First Twitch Live

      1. I’ve barely tried breathing apart from to get through a day at work. Sooooo busy lately. I feel like a lottery win would be in order. But to answer your question directly. No. Not yet. Sadly. 🤪


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