I enjoyed a beautiful visit to the Ships Graveyard in Purton, near Berkeley in Gloucestershire.

Ginny on you tube


Today I uploaded my You Tube about my new house toy  the Eufy Robovac.  I am so delighted with it, well worth the money.  My Cat had a different view of it. He has settled down now, but at first he remained on top of the sofa.


My latest upload to You Tube is of a lovely visit to Haresfield Topograph, which is a high point in the Cotswolds.  It’s a beautiful destination for a hike. The scenery is amazing.

You can view it on the map here:- (unfortunately Johnny has no legs in this 360 photo)


I took a trip out to the West country in Somerset to visit an old friend and stopped in the small village of Farrington Gurney to visit the church yard where my beloved Dad is laid to rest.  I can’t believe we lost him 29 years ago and I remember that service like it was yesterday.  In particular I remember a Buddhist friend who arrived dressed in bright orange. I was a little surprised but when I spoke to him he said, we are here to celebrate your Father’s life, not to be sad at his passing.  Of course I was too upset at the time to get right into this mood but his words stuck with me.  I went on to study more about Buddhism as part of my degree ( I was late to adult education) and it has brought me great comfort.  Walking around the church brought back all the memories of that day, I never stop missing my Dad and his charisma, humour and creativity but the time makes it easier to bear.  I recall doing an essay at Uni about why according to Buddhism the passage of time makes loss easier to bear,  I wish I had kept those essays.  This Church is quite off the beaten track so it would be unlikely to be on a tourist track, but it is well worth a visit and there is a very nice farm shop in Farrington to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and delicious food afterwards. Shop here


My latest You Tube is about the Tyndale Monument in North Nibley in Gloucestershire.  It is a very nice hike, up a very steep hill but the stunning views are worth it.  It is a historical monument to a man who changed the course of history by translating the New Testament into English language.


It seems like a natural progression to me, if you’ve been using “live broadcasting” platforms, to then migrate some of your videos over to You Tube.   I am learning how to use video editing software, so I use YT as a place to try out new things.  Of course I am always ranked as an amateur and complete beginner, but I reckon, one has to start somewhere.  I’m using “free” software at the moment, so that has limitations.  As with all these things, I am trying to see if I’m keen enough to splash out on some purchased film editing software.  But one needs to keep an eye on the budget, for what is a “hobby” of mine.  My latest purchase was a “green screen” and some film lights.  I’ve hardly had a moment to go and play about with them yet.

So I will say that all my little videos are tongue in cheek and just a learning platform for me.  Any help and advice gratefully accepted.

I am a huge fan of @ThaPhlash on Periscope ThaPhlash and he has introduced us to High Fidelity.   I have never used Virtual Reality before, so I am way behind the times.  This is not a game space but  a destination space where one can meet up with mutual friends from Periscope or anywhere else.  Then you can chat in real time with head phones and use your key board or headsets to move around.  Phlash organises amazing dance parties in there, which are very popular.  Many people say, oh that looks complicated, but clearly, if I can do it, anyone can!  Ha ha ha, I think if I ever meet Phlash in real life, he will pat me on the head!

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